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    Soundtrack and Soundeffects

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Soundtracks and SOUND Effects

... for video games, trailers and short films.

We offer soundtrack and highly specialised scoring work, as well as sound design and custom sound effects for your game or film. 

We are specialized in creating sound effects for Unreal Engine 5 and Unity 3D, with FMOD Studio 2 and the Engine-Plugin

Sound design and effects

Managing and preparing sound libraries, creating atmospheric sound worlds for game and film, designing and recording of custom sound effects

Music and Soundtrack Production

Creation of soundtracks going hand in hand with world and story creation, fitting with sound design of the environment

Voice Recording Support

Help getting your voice performances right and into the game, in one or many languages

From The Portfolio

What we offer, What we Look For


  • High-quality music, soundtrack and scoring
  • Sound effects - custom production and library access
  • quick communication on any messenger
  • feedback based production - I am interested in a result that makes you happy!
  • Consulting for a high-quality game and 3D interactive audio production
  • High-quality recordings


  • Chances to build up my portfolio and experience for game audio, soundtrack and sound effects
  • partnerships game developers who need high-quality sound for their games
  • Freelancing for game audio
  • Freelancing for scoring trailers and short films
  • VR, 3D application developers